NordicTrack GX3.2 Upright Cycle Review

Nordic Track GX3.2 upright exercise bikePrice: £299
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Fitness Superstore

Overall rating: 4
Build quality: 3.5
Ease of use: 4
Console features: 4
Comfort: 4
Value for money: 4

For under £300, the NordicTrack GX3.2 cycle is exceptional value for money. What I really like about the NordicTrack bikes is their innovation and the GX3.2 is no exception to that rule. So if you want an indoor bike that delivers plenty of variance and motivational workouts, I definitely recommend this one.

This bike is designed for pretty much all users, whether you’re a regular fitness enthusiast or a beginner. But that doesn’t mean it’s basic. Not at all. With a 10kg flywheel, there’s plenty of resistance, going up to level 20 and it’s very solid with an overall user capacity of 130kg. A very good overall package.

Fantastic motivational workouts

NordicTrack are well known for being innovators in the industry and this machine is packed with plenty of ways to bring diversity to your training. In total, there are 23 workouts – not many offer that much variety! And what’s impressive is that each one has its uses, depending on your fitness goals. You can use the personal trainer programs, there’s a heart rate control option and lots more. Really great if you either want to track your goals more easily, boost your motivation, or just try some new things to prevent getting in a cycling rut.

Another key selling point for this bike is its iFit SD compatibility. You can buy different iFit SD cards for under £20, all offering different workouts, such as weight loss, wellness, etc. I tried out iFit Circuit Training Level 1. It includes 24 bike workouts, which I think is great value for money. You may also be interested to know that it also includes 24 treadmill and elliptical workouts too. Listening to the certified personal trainer, I was talked through my workout from start to end. This is a great option if you work out harder when a bit of pressure is put on you.

Comfortable training

This bike offers a very smooth workout. I was surprised by just how smooth it was actually. Compared to other cycles in this price range, I would definitely say it peaked in terms of comfort. My only slight bug bear was with the seat. I ride outside (when the weather’s good!)  and for me, the seat was quite wide and big compared to my outdoor bike. However, my wife didn’t agree at all and preferred the wider seat as she felt it made it easier to balance and catered for body movement during her workout. So perhaps it’s just me.

The seat is adjustable and padded, so overall delivers on comfort, allowing you to find your ideal position.

My only other slight criticism would be about the backlit screen, which I feel is a little too bright. Just a small thing though in an overall very good quality bike.

The standard warranty is 1 year parts & labour. However, you can get this extended free of charge to 2 years if you register it with Nordic Track by warranty card or via their website within 28 days.


Overall, a really good value exercise bike in this price range, offering comfort and an exceptional range of workouts to vary your workout. At this price, it’s one of the best on the market.

Price: £299
Buy From:
Fitness Superstore

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